Hi there,
Will not be attending the reunion.
Brief bio: taught child development at Buffalo State College for 43 years. Retired now. Three kids, 4 grand kids. Widower.
Enjoy the reunion!
David Converse


Unfortunately, I have other commitments that will prevent my attending our 55th reunion.
Sorry to miss it, but please tell everyone I am in good health and hope they all have a wonderful time at the reunion.
Don Davidson


Hi! I won't be able to attend the reunion, but we're doing fine. Still in Lake Forest and loving it. No plans to move to retirement housing. Our oldest son, Andy has recently married and they have an adorable 
three year old daughter named Michelle. Our other son, Ken and family live in Winnetka and our oldest grand-daughter Jessica is one year away from New Trier. Kylie, the 11year old, will start 6th grade next week. 
How did these kids grow up so fast! Sorry I won't be able to come to the reunion, but if you publish a directory or booklet about all of us, please include me in the mailing. Thanks and hope the weekend is 
wonderful. P.S. Is Karen T. the former Karen McDonald Daley?? Has anyone heard from Carol Coolidge Albertson? 
Marilyn (Jackson) Alt.


As much as I'd like to attend, I regret to say I'll be unable to. At present, and well into October and beyond, I will be chasing publishers' deadlines for not one but two books of mine that I am currently seeing through two different university presses, and at least one of those involves considerable editing of my manuscript on my part to the point that I don't dare leave my home and computer even for a long weekend. 
It's all part of the curse of still being a workaholic (and loving it) at 73! And I still have a few books more to write still in me.
Best to the rest of the gang.
John Bush Jones


After 39 years in Winnetka (we expected to be there two or three years), Peter and I have moved to Guilford, CT, overlooking Long Island Sound. We moved in November, 2010 to be closer to our children and four grandchildren. Our son, Malcolm (NT 1985) lives in Stamford, CT with three and five year old boys. Our daughter, Page (NY ’87), lives in Pelham, NY, so we can get to either household in less than 90 minutes if the highway gods are on our side.
We continue to travel to interesting places (Two trips to Africa, Tanzania in 2011 and Botswana and Namibia in 2012; eastern Europe and St Petersburg in 2013; Dordogne this fall (hence, not at the 55th), as well as visiting friends spread out in wonderful places throughout the United States. We continue to sail our Nightwind 35 and to mess around with smaller boats including a newly purchased 21’ motor boat for exploring all the little coves around or house; hike; kayak enjoy a myriad of concerts and plays in surrounding areas including New Haven, which is 15 minutes away and rife with cultural opportunities, and NYC which is an easy 2 hour train ride (and a great opportunity to read, which remains a passion). We have found more new volunteer activities than we can possibly handle, from conservation and trail maintenance to minority education, and we’re hoping to become literacy volunteers in CT as soon as we can find time to take the seven week training. 
We feel very, very lucky to have good health, a beautiful place to live, relatively close family and wonderful friends both near and far. Have a wonderful reunion!
Connie Kaufman Dickinson


Thanks for including me in the NT Class of '58 reunion celebration. I appreciate all the time and effort put together by the reunion committee. I have plans that can't be changed, therefore I will not be able to join the class for the weekend celebration. I will be anxious to hear about the weekend, and to be included in the directory. Please order the directory and any other publications from the reunion for me.
Thanks ~ wishing you all a very memorable weekend,
Laura Long Salvano


With regret, will not be able to attend the reunion this year.
Mike Martin


I have signed a new contract with Fox Sports Southwest to work another year in the NBA. As a result I will be unable to attend the reunion. Please pass along my finest regards to everyone. My thoughts will be with all of you. Have a super weekend and all of you be well and be safe. 
Bob Ortegel




I will be in the middle of the semester at this time…. Hard to get away although I am sure my students would not mind.
I hope you will distribute updated/current information to us all???
Ann (Sedwick)


sorry to decline such a great offer. i live in hawaii and don't ever leave. would you? you look like nice folks, do i know any of you? thats my story havea fun.
keith Wallach


Sorry, but I won’t be able to join the 55th celebration. 
I’m retired and doing fine, healthy and happy as well.
I am glad that I still am included in your list – Please keep me on it.
Good to hear from you.
Earl Wodis


I am so sorry that I can't be at the reunion. I live in Orlando Florida. After shutting down my business in 2008 because of the economy, I began volunteering. I currently volunteer at the library and animal shelter. Along with those, I help second graders in the Read2Succeed program at a nearby elementary school. My son Daniel resides in Chicago and my dog Gus and I lead an uneventful but very happy life in Florida.
Roberta Wollock Starr


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